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The Yoga in Eating

Food is fuel. Our bodies are constantly working, and our food provides energy to help keep our bodies going. What we eat is important, to make sure we’re providing the proper variety of nutrients our bodies needs. How we eat is also important, to make sure that we’re eating in a way that makes us feel good -not just in the moment- but as we go through our day.

Yoga, the journey of learning and uncovering yourself, is practiced all throughout your day, including while you eat. Eating mindfully, is simply being aware of yourself as you go through the process of your meal.

What are you eating? Did you prepare it or was it prepared for you? How does your meal look: are there different colors and textures, what is the visual appeal of this meal? How does your meal smell: is there a singular scent or a multitude of different aromas? Try to focus on the positives of the meal, what do you like here, what’s the potential?

These are all questions to contemplate before your first bite, take in what you’re eating before you literally take it in. When you do get to your first bite, chew slowly, not abnormally slow, but more gradual than normal. Savor the bite. Notice the different flavors that show up and the mouth feel of your food. Eat with curiosity, take each bite in as a unique mouthful. Stop eating when you’re full.

When you‘re done with your meal, notice how you feel. Become aware of what foods make you feel good after eating them. Notice which foods give you energy and make you feel light, but satisfied. Use your knowledge for your next meal. Find a way of eating that feels like you.

Be kind to yourself. Try to remember all the wonderful things your body does for you every day. Eat to feel well. Eat to enjoy your food. Eat to fuel your body. Trust yourself to know what you need. Take your time and enjoy the process.

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