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Our Family 


Renee Brown
E-RYT 200 RYT 500
Owner & Teacher

Shani Allen 
RYT 200
Yoga Teacher

Shani Allen, RYT-200, started taking yoga classes as a way to manage stress and anxiety. That is still her primary motivation, but now she also does yoga because it’s fun and keeps her joints happy. 

Shani completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification training at Asheville Yoga Center in 2014 and is currently enrolled in their 300 hour YTT program.

Additionally, Shani completed Yoga from a Christian Perspective at New Day Yoga in Kennesaw in 2016 and earned Curvy Yoga Certification with Anna Guest-Jelly in 2017. 

 Favorite Quote : 

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. “

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Renee Uma Brown, E-RYT-500 therapeutic yoga at Asheville Yoga Center with over a 1000 hours of training, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Thai Body Worker.  

"I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2010.  I felt betrayed by my body. I spent almost two years sedentary, heavily medicated and completely miserable.  I found yoga in 2012 and fell in love.

Yoga for me is a work-in not a work-out. I slowly started breathing, connecting breath to movement, letting go of false thoughts and ideas, learning to love and appreciate my body again.


One of my favorite quotes is “she believed she could, so she did.”  I believe that yoga is for Every BODY. You begin where you are. Yoga transformed my life and it can transform yours too. I can modify and tailor any pose to meet you where you are in this moment.  If you can breathe then you can do yoga."


Alex Bobo
RYT 500
Yoga Teacher

Alex Bobo, RYT-500hr, studied under Cal Clemons at Rubber Soul in Athens, GA.  

She specializes in senior yoga. She has been teaching yoga for 6 years and Group Fitness including Barre, Pound & Cycling for 8 years.


She has worked with a wide variety of yogis including prenatal clients, children and adults. Alex believes in helping guide each yogi as they tailor their practice for their individual body and mind needs.

Alex's Fitness Words of Wisdom :

"Focus on the small movements and choices that you make everyday, that's how habits are formed. Be consistent." 


Patti Field
RYT 200
Yoga Teacher

Patti grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs,  her father was into yoga in the 60’s and 70s. He used to wake Patti and her siblings before school to do yoga in the living room. This was not optional! At the time, her favorite pose was savasana where everyone found a spot under a blanket and next to the baseboard heater. It must have planted a seed, because as an adult, she fell in love with yoga.

Patti moved to the Lake Oconee community full time after many years of being a part time resident at the lake. She found a new yoga home at Serenity Den and completed the RYT-200 under Courtney Nelson and Renee Brown in early 2021.

“I love being part of this wonderful community. Yoga has been such a blessing in my life both physically and mentally. I enjoy sharing this practice with the community and value the wonderful relationships I have developed through my yoga practice”

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