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Books with Benefits: Your Body Your Yoga by Bernie Clark

“You are unique! in the whole universe there is no one else like you. You are not “average” and you are not “normal”- no one is actually average, normal, or regular. You may share a few similar traits with other people, you are made up of identically shaped protons, neutrons, and electrons, as everyone you know. But when you examine the whole of who you are, the ways these particular parts come together to form a “you”, you are totally and indisputably unique” -Your Body Your Yoga by Bernie Clark

What stops you? Whether there’s a mental barrier or a physical barrier, we all have our limits. Yoga helps us learn ourselves. We learn where we are and from there we can make adjustments. However, not all adjustments are the same, because not all bodies are the same. Learning how to do the “correct” postures and poses is going to translate differently across all of our bodies, which is why it’s pivotal to cultivate your own awareness within yourself. You are the only one who knows exactly what you’re feeling as you’re feeling it. No one else will ever know you as you do.

Comparing ourselves to others is how we grow socially. It can be helpful to have a gauge to see what you like and dislike, but use caution with comparison. Do not search outside yourself for something that is within you. As we practice yoga, we are practicing trust in ourselves and knowing in our bodies and minds. We’re learning how we feel and how to manage these feelings. Your Body Your Yoga gives an overview of the functionality of yoga. Specifically looking at anatomical structures of the body and focusing on all the reasons why we as individual practitioners will meet resistance.

“More important than knowing what kind of pose the student is doing is knowing what kind of student is doing the pose.”

For anyone wishing to expand their anatomical knowledge, or is curious about the implications of human variation on a yoga practice, Your Body Your Yoga displays all the different ways to be human and to move. Embrace the uniqueness of You and practice with confidence and curiosity. Trust yourself, Trust your body, and Trust your yoga.

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