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Anahata: The Heart Chakra

Chakras are energy points in our bodies that correlate with bundles of nerves or major organs, and can effect our emotional and physical well-being. There may be as many as 114 chakras, but the 7 along the spine are the most well known.

The fourth chakra along the spine is called the Heat Chakra and is located in the center of the chest, which is also referred to as the Heart Center. It’s the heart itself as well as the space it occupies within the chest. In Sanskrit the heart chakra is called, Anahata, which means unhurt or the place of openings.

The Heart Chakra is the guardian of compassion, empathy, love and forgiveness. If this chakra is out of alignment a person will feel hard-hearted, unhappy, lonely, insecure, easily hurt, or unable to receive love.

The Heart Chakra is the halfway point of the chakra system (the 7 major chakras). The Heart Chakra unifies the physical chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus) and the spiritual chakras (throat, third eye, crown).

The Heart Chakras element is Air, so breath work is especially important for cleansing and accessing this Chakra. The Heart Chakras sacred sound is “Yam” (pronounced “y-aw-m” not “yam” like the sweet potato). The mantra for this chakra is “I love”. The color of the Heart chakra is green. When cleansing or accessing this Chakra, or really any of the chakras, it’s important to be wholly mindful of the area you’re trying to address. Also paying particular notice to what comes up for you as your working through a Chakra. Try different methods to acknowledge your chakras, for the Heart Chakra you could try; wearing green, eating more green and leafy foods, spending more time outside, contemplating your heart center, utilizing mantras, chanting “Yam”, or practicing heart opening poses like Camel.

There are many ways to open or gain access to your chakras, its helpful to discover which methods work best for you and your practice. With spring upon us, being surrounding by all this lush beautiful green, now is a great time to remind yourself of your Heart Center. Reconnect with nature and the nature of being, and allow yourself the joy of the journey.

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