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A Daily Dose of Gratitude ❤️

How can we practice gratitude everyday? Is it possible to bring a practice of daily gratitude into our lives?

Research shows that if you allow gratitude to be a daily practice of thanks and appreciation the more content you will be. Here are a few simple ways to incorporate gratitude into your daily life:

  • Start each day with meditation. Begin with 5-10 minutes. Still your body, sit quietly and close your eyes. Notice without judgment and allow yourself to just be with sensations in your body and with your breath.

  • Write in a journal about your gratitude. Start with listing 5 things for which you are grateful. This is a great practice to do at the beginning and at the end of the day.

  • Move and do a few yoga postures that feel good to you. Include heart opening poses like bridge, cobra or camel.

  • Spend time in nature. It's easier to find gratitude if you surround yourself in beauty. Notice the sounds, smells, really immerse yourself in your environment.

How can Gratitude effect your daily life?

Gratitude can and does affect our attitude in several positive ways: for example, if we are grateful it’s quite likely we have:

  • a high level of positive emotions

  • life satisfaction

  • optimism

  • lower levels of depression and stress

  • the capacity to deal well with the negative aspects of life

  • the ability to see life from another person’s perspective

  • a generous and caring nature

  • the capacity to be empathetic and compassionate

  • an attitude that material things in life just don’t matter as much

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