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Change: Allowing Yourself to Emerge

Speaking as a collective, we as people typically have an adversity to change. Some are more comfortable with it than others, but all of us will encounter change. We change constantly, every moment of our lives. At a molecular level, our cells are cycling and becoming new. Our bodies are constantly adjusting from our routine; how we slept, what we ate, how much we moved, how much water we’ve had, and so on. Our minds are taking in new information depending on who we interacted with, or what we watched, or our own internal narrative giving us positivity or negativity. And this is all just with ourselves, let alone the whole entire world around us. Everything is changing at all times, whether we consciously acknowledge it or not.

Which is why trying to hold on to a specific version of yourself can be a daunting, exhausting, and constraining task. You are always changing as a person, and this is a good thing. We’re constantly taking in new information about ourselves or the world around us and having to make new decisions. Living life shapes our lives. Our experiences impact our perception and allows us to grow and learn and become new with this new information.

Unpack yourself from the boxes life has given you thus far. Labels, names, whatever is keeping you in a specific container, either from yourself or from other people. Being a specific age, or height, or gender, or from a specific location, or so many different ways of putting yourself into a category. No one is the whole package that you are. No one else possesses all of the traits and characteristics that you do. We can learn and shape ourselves because of other people, but you will never be anyone else but yourself. And at any point, at any moment, if you ever wish to change anything about yourself, you can. You are, whatever you say you are and action yourself to be. What matters is what you value and what feels true to you. Knowing who you are is just knowing how to check in with yourself in the moment. This is why mindfulness practices and breath work are imperative. The only time we really have are the moments we in presently in, so we have to have a way to get ourselves completely in the moment we are in. We do this by coming to our breath, to taking ourselves in our senses and just staying in the moment. We are all going through this life for the first time, so mistakes are going to be made, but you get to decide if those mistakes are detrimental or a learning moment. Be gentle with yourself, through your actions and words. Allow yourself the space to play and try. Make room for the things in life that bring you joy, whatever they may be. Our lives are always shifting and turning and making room for new growth opportunities. We are forever students, learning about our lives and how we want to live. Change is happening to us and all around us, and we are emerging as ourselves as we go.

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